TAT2ME is a team of passionate & talented individuals who never compromise on quality seek high standards of professionalism, through their continued pursuit of excellence; TAT2ME is sculpting the future of tattoos. TAT2ME is a home for all themes and styles of tattooing, however if you look through each artists’ profile you will find each of them have their own strengths and styles.

Ketan Vaidya & Nikita Vaidya, India’s leading tattoo artists, embarked on an exciting journey in the Tattoo industry with their TAT2ME Studio in 2007. Over the years TAT2ME has gone from strength to strength in reputation and recognition for high quality tattoos.

We were apprised to render their online presence which rationalizes their concept of maintaining quality conscious artwork. We were successful in developing the website as well as their digital marketing which explains their work to fullest.

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