Javab Family

In a vast metropolis like Mumbai, with its vast geographical nature. It is indeed a difficult task to interact with our fellow Bunt families at regular intervals. Frequent interactions with families in the neighbourhood were considered a necessity & essential to know each other better & also to be of mutual help. Some of our far-sighted, like minded & socially conscious fellow Bunts wanted to bring together all our families in the neighbourhood as the members of a close knit family, to forge mutual friendship & harmony, to share one’s happiness & sorrow, to be of mutual help to one another in times of need & also to inculcate values & ethos of our rich heritage & culture amongst our younger generation.

This idea initiated as a casual thought, gathered momentum & the concept was turned into a reality with the birth of JAVAB in 1998, we were suppose to design the site which defines their work which is for god cause.

The greatest gift anyone can give another person: believing in them, we thank Javab Family for believing in us.

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