We wrote a website for Adhyay, who train those who are master of their own time and can spare time as per their schedule.

Adhyay provides learning and development solutions to the workforce for SMEs and Corporate. can avail Technical as well as Non Technical training through Adhyay.

Ashyay has clients based in 3 countries in Africa- GHANA, ZAMBIA, MOZAMBIQUE. Adhyay has also comprehensive services for schools like Workshops for Students. Adhyay works in partnership with University / College Tie-Ups

Major challenge to work with adhyay was to grab visitors attention through images or through visual elements.

Adhyay offers effective learning in complex domains like IT and Telecom through below tools :

  • Pre defined Learning methodology
  • Project based training
  • Content design and development
  • Quality trainer
  • Consistent tracking and feedback along with a personal touch.

It was indeed a good opportunity for us to work with them.

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