Single Integrated Solution Software

The Live Video Streaming Service of Host2Unlimited uses a unique and advanced software that lets you mix videos from various recording sources and simultaneously relay them over a wide range of online platforms.,

The Benefits
  • The live video content created by Host2Unlimited is exceptional in its quality and the information it provides. It not only uses video feed from different camera sources, but also includes graphical elements like graphs, charts and pie diagrams that elaborate the points being discussed.


You don’t need your audience to have specific technical support for viewing the videos relayed by Host2Unlimited’s evolved software system. They can view the content on diverse online platforms, devices, browsers and operating systems.


The live video streaming sessions support participation of each member who is viewing the content on their respective devices. They can send in their instant feedback or queries using online platforms like twitter or services like SMS, Skype and Hangout videos.

The Best Part

The live video streaming service of Host2Unlimited allows you to produce highly aesthetic video content with the help of Chroma key technology. Treat your audience with the virtual studio sets created to best complement the type of content being produced.

Customisation Enabled!

With the advanced settings of Host2Unlimied’s Live Video Streaming Service, you can choose to limit the audience who can watch the content. With the use of customized streaming pages, you can relay your content only on selected pages shared to selected members on the internet.

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