What Is WhatsApp For Business??



The latest version of WhatsApp that comes with marketing automation, so you can directly drive messages from Facebook Ads to your Business WhatsApp.

How To Activate Business WhatsApp?

You will have to download the new app (you cannot access business features from your personal WhatsApp account) and login with your business contact number. NOTE: Your business number must be unique and cannot be the same as your personal WhatsApp number. If it is so, you can either access the business account or your personal account but not both at the same time.

What Are The New Features?
Where is business setting found in whatsapp

It is almost the same as personal WhatsApp but the following features are exclusive to Business WhatsApp-

1) While creating the business account, you will have to enter your company’s name that CANNOT be changed later.

2) Profile settings:

> need to add business address (map of your business location will be shown)

> choose business category

write other business details like description, working hours, email address and web address

business profile settings in whatsapp

3) Away Messages:

> automatically replies with a preset message whenever you are away (this can be disabled)

this feature does not work in WhatsApp groups (to avoid multiple away messages in a group chat while you are away)

away messages in whatsapp

4) Greeting Messages: automatically sends a preset greeting to people who have sent you a message for the first time or after 14 days (this can be disabled)

greeing messages in business whatsapp

5) Quick Replies: you can create keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages (to avoid typing the same thing again and again) 

 quick replies on business whatsapp

6) Statistics:

you can now know how many messages have been sent, read and replied

What Is The Number One Benefit Of Business WhatsApp?



It will act as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads will have a ‘call to action’ button saying “Send Message On WhatsApp” which will allow advertisers to get notified as and when the leads start coming and give immediate response. That implies no more need to download the leads and call them or mail them.



What Do We Expect From Business WhatsApp In The Future?



Custom Name Brackets that will automatically enter the contact name in the message as observed in other marketing automation platforms like MailChimp.



In a nutshell, Business WhatsApp will change the digital marketing dynamics as it will serve as a cheap, easy and efficient marketing platform.