Social media has seen a lot of revolutionary transformations throughout 2017.With Twitter expanding its character limit to 280 and the world going gaga over Facebook and Instagram for introducing live stream videos, this 2018 sure looks quite promising offering more innovating and technological advancements to these social media platforms’ functionality.

So, without much delay, let’s take a sneak peek at the trends which are going to generate a marketing buzz this 2018.

Augmented And Virtual Reality Will Surge High


Augmented Reality was initially meant for gaming purposes. Right from showing a Pikachu in the real world on your screen and indulging in a spooky horror survival game with your pals, AR and VR sure have thrilled young gamers across the globe. But, with Apple incorporating the microchip which will provide its users with an extraordinary augmented reality experience, it looks likely that social media will find a suitable way to incorporate this new technology as well.

Influencer Marketing Will Be The Driving Force


Influencer marketing will be a constantly expanding area of social media this 2018.Instead of hiring a celebrity to promote your brand, influencer marketing is more of seeking a social media influencer and having them endorse your brand. These may include Youtube stars, Twitter personalities, and Instagram models. Besides, influencer marketing is more affordable as opposed to traditional celebrity marketing.

Chatbots Are Becoming The Norm


The increasing use of social media ushered the way for implementing Chatbots. As social media is constantly evolving, people are getting less and less patient. So, it becomes a holy grail to resolve the customer’s query within a short span of time. Predictions are the chatbots will be more humanized.

Content Marketing Will Be Growing Exponentially


Content marketing is the backbone of the digital marketing world and content is becoming the best marketing tool in the world. Present an appealing content which best suits your brand that will cast a spell on the audience and make them your potential customers. Adopt a storytelling approach and develop relevant content which your audiences understand best. Use of infographics with catchy taglines will surely work wonders. Also, writing a blog now and then will help promote your brand.

Focus On Generation Z

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So, what exactly is Generation Z?

They are the younger siblings of the millennials (Gen Y) born in the late 90’s and early 00’s. They are among the generations who are mostly obsessed by social media and they are 2-3 times more likely to be influenced by social media than other generations. Goldman Sachs says that Generation Z is more valuable to the marketers than millennials as their buying power is going to increase considerably and based on that we need to shift our marketing strategies accordingly.

Long story short, this was our take on the expected trends which will set the social media on fire in 2018. While virtual reality and augmented reality will go mainstream and social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat will gain popularity, this 2018 has a lot more to offer for digital marketers and entrepreneurs.