Digital marketing refers to putting your business online and marketing it to attract consumers and maintain relationships. It’s a branch of e-commerce that deals with branding, advertising and promotion. Technology has grown rapidly and today everyone is an owner of a smart phone. Everyone has updated versions of softwares on their laptops, tablets and mobile handsets. Because of this e-revolution, digital marketing has gained significance. Digital marketing isn’t only about putting your company into a website. There are many aspects to it.

Firstly, web design and development plays a crucial role in digital marketing. The appearance of your website is the first thing that catches attention of users. 70% of your job is done if your website design is incredible. What makes a good website design depends upon the layout, theme, categorization, colour scheme, typography and presentation to begin with. Design a proper framework. You have to think about aspects like self-hosting, domains and so on.

Search Engine Optimization is the top most important feature your website needs. All major search engines show results based on search results content such as words, audio and video. The task of the web designer is to convert visitors into consumers by attracting with a variety of strategies. SEO is all about what are the preferred posts users go through, what attracts their attention, what kind of terms they search for, results based on websites they surf. SEO is an intensive mechanism. It has many contents and frameworks that makes it the best tool for website promotion.

Another mechanism for web development is Pay Per Click strategy. This will help you in increasing your traffic. And once your traffic increases, you’ll get more visitors on your website. And eventually, they will become customers. In the Pay Per Click strategy, you have to decide on your target audience. This is crucial to achieving desired results. If you specialise in baby products, your target audience has to be parents and not children because they aren’t the ones who will check the website. A proper approach towards digital marketing can be acquired with a well-defined Pay Per Click strategy.

A Call to Action can go a long away in building relationship with customers. It’s to convert visitors to customers. You can use this button on your website and also your Facebook page. It’s one of the effective strategies used in digital marketing.

Social media marketing is the most sought after technique for promotion and marketing. Social media is a powerful tool. You can be a winner or a loser based on democratic opinion. Social media helps to develop and maintain relationships with the customers. It helps in creating a community. Social media includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. Each has there are of expertise and you can promote your website according to that. It shows advertisements, promotions and main line marketing. Every website should have a strong social media presence.

Host2Unlimited is not only about website creation. It includes all of the above aspects. Website design and development, search engine optimisation, Pay Per Click strategy, Call to Action button and social media marketing are among the top tools to make your website consumer ready. Go ahead a step and invest in digital marketing because it’s the future of marketing.