Paytm was launched into the market long back but it gained popularity in the latter half of 2016. Despite having strong competition, Paytm with its huge ad campaigns attracted more audiences.

In the span of just one month (November 10 and December 20), PayTm acquired almost 20 million new users, over 7 million transactions each day!

This, of course, was not possible instantly with other competitors in the market. It was the result of a great marketing strategy!

Perfect campaigns, advertisements, and partnership with the right brands can work wonders!

Their goal (like every brand) was to retain existing customers and gain new users.

Let’s explore The Perfect Strategy for Digital Marketing

  • Took care of customers’ concerns by bridging the gap between customers and the brand using digital media.
  • Engaged people of all interests, be it entertainment or tech savvy, by using various digital media features like Facebook live, mobile games/interactive fun apps, social media contests, celeb endorsements and creating viral videos and challenges.
  • Partnered with the right people [Mumbai’s local dabbawallas instead of luxury lunch homes].

But these strategies won’t work for all!

Let us help you to know The Perfect Strategy Of Marketing For Your Brand!