How often do consumers buy non-branded products? For a soap, it has to be Procter & Gamble or Patanjali. For a pantsuit, it has to be Raymond or Park Avenue. Every product consumer purchases, has a brand associated with it. AMA defines branding as, “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” In today’s world, branding has become essential for every company. A company’s existence is as much as nil without this powerful tool called branding.

I think branding is a journey. It’s a journey from being the only product left in the racks to becoming the first product chosen from a number of alternatives. Everything in between is the branding magic. Branding could be of a particular product, product line or of a company as a whole. When it comes to Nestle, Maggi is their brand. When it comes to Johnson & Johnson, baby care product line is their brand. When it comes to Apple, the company itself is a brand. It starts with innovation and ends in employee and customer satisfaction. When a company is incorporated, its goal is survival. When it has sufficient revenue, its goal changes to growth. When it has established in the market, its goal becomes profit maximisation. This is the stage where it goes for making itself a brand. A brand cannot be generated when the company is small. It develops slowly and steadily along with the company. It’s just like human beings. Babies aren’t exactly famous bytheir own self. They grow up, discover their talent and work on it. And then they become famous in some field. They themselves become a brand. Started from a tea stall, now Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi is a brand.

Many companies these days have multiple factors that they choose as their competitive advantage. Walmart focuses on cost minimisation. 3M focuses on innovation. FedEx focuses on time. Branding, in itself means being different than the rest. And competitive advantage means having an advantage over the competitors. So, making branding as a competitive advantage is the best mix to become successful. It can result in increased sales which will lead to more revenue which will ultimately aid in further branding efforts.

Brand management is a separate function of management. It goes beyond advertising and promotion. It is all about integrity of the company in making itself seen, heard and accepted as the best choice. It is about promoting the brand by effective advertising and doing it constantly. It is about retaining current brands while developing new brands. Brand management is the face of the company. It has become one of the fundamental branches of marketing in the 21st century.

There are multiple ways in which branding can be done.You can do it by placing an advertisement online, like Flipkart. You can do it simply with your tag line, like, Think Different of Apple. You can do by endorsing a famous personality, like, Shah Rukh Khan for Tag Heuer. You can do it with a simplistic yet effective logo, like, Nike. You can do it with your speeches, websites, CSR activities or just about anything. There are many options. There are many resources. All you have to do is choose the best resource mix which will bring the change from ‘a company’ to ‘the company’. Find creative agencies in mulund and get the best branding for your Business.