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Founded in 2010, Host 2 Unlimited,
Based in Mumbai, India.

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Who We are?

Over the last few years we have made a reputation for building websites that look great and are easy-to-use. We offer full-range of services from Internet Marketing to Development, we have experience of working with variety of industries, highlighting our versatility. Our solutions have evolved with this ever changing technological world. Our websites are operational on all kinds of devices like Laptops, Tablets, PCs, Smart Phones, etc

What We do?
  • Strategy – Taking a simple idea through to a finished project by building a solid business foundation
  • User Experience – UE is a crucial part of all our projects ensuring a natural flow that everyone can use and enjoy.
  • Design – Much more than pixel pushing, this is where we ensure your site looks gorgeous and functions perfectly.
  • Development – Turning designs into code that we can than power with some coding magic.
  • E-Commerce – Our favorite! We can help with all aspect from payment to fulfillment.
We synergize our efforts with yours


Brand Identity is one of the most powerful component of a company. It will positively impact the business and create unique position in the market.

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We go beyond a mere look of the website, we strive on entire functionality of the website by blending design, content and technology.


If you plan to sell anything online, having an e-commerce plan is as important as your original business plan.


Business stationary says a lot about you brand, it establishes your presence in the market.


Promote your brand different channels of electronic media inspiring more followers. Identify, Engage and Connect with Customers!!!!


We make domain registration simple, affordable and fast.


High performance server in wide range of packages of hosting service.

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Rules to follow while creating a successful site

Security from hackers is important. I lost my first big site because I didn’t have any. More embarrassingly I didn’t have a Back Up! Fortunately these days, most hosts will do automatic backups for you (although I believe you should always keep a fairly up to-date back-up of your site offline also) Additionally never pick a web host that hasn’t got 24/7 live support. When things go BAD, you will want their help. I use HostGator.com for most of my blogs – great back up and first class security. Highly recommended.

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3 Must have marketing feature

In a matter of seconds your home page should communicate three important things to visitors. If it doesn’t, then you’re running the risk of losing them forever. Find out if your website’s home page has what it takes to pull visitors deeper into your site, and farther along the buying process! It’s important for visitors to know that they’re on the right website. To eliminate the guesswork, make sure that your company’s name and logo are prominently displayed…

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6 Signs your website desperately needs a redesign

Watch this short video to see if your current website could be costing you business A few years back the majority of shoppers were probably visiting your website from desktops. Perhaps a small percentage were on smartphones. But today’s shoppers are finding businesses online by using multiple devices- from desktops to iPads to smartphones. So if you want your mobile visitors sticking around, then you really need responsive design.

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Host 2 Unlimited


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